VSK.software the solid basis
behind BIM.permit

VSK.Software – your reliable partner  for integrated BIM solutions.

VSK.software is a start-up that was founded in 2021 based on research work in the field of construction informatics. We make it our business to offer software and services for the quality assurance of BIM models.


Since June 2022, the team behind VSK.software has been developing the product BIM.permit, a web-based model checking  software for BIM models.

The faces behind 

André Vonthron

CEO & Founder

Marcel Stepien

Founder & Developer


Daniel Schürenkrämer


VSK.software the result from
research projects.

Every construction project with BIM has different requirements and a different aim. But they all have one thing in common: they need rule-based verification of its BIM models.

The rule-based verification of BIM models is an elementary part for quality assurance in BIM processes. It involves handovers between clients and contractors, but also the verification of technical correctness of the design and compliance with legal regulations, such as building code, fire safety requirements or accessibility.

Innovative prototypes were developed as part of the research work. It quickly became clear that the potential to implement a market-ready software is very large.