IDS – Information DeLivery Specification.

The Information Delivery Specification (IDS) is a new data format developed by buildingSMART International to define a machine-readable definition of exchange information requirements.

IDS-files are vendor neutral and can be imported as digital rules into model checking software to validate requirements on IFC models automatically.

IDS supports the checking of object types, attributes, property sets and quantity sets, materials, classifications and Part-of Relations.

How to.

1. Entity facet

3. How to use the IDS attribute facet

– coming soon –

3. How to use  the IDS classification facet

– coming soon –

4. How to use  the IDS material facet

– coming soon –

6. How to use  the IDS part-of facet

– coming soon –

THE BIM.Permit IDS-Challenge.

We present the six facets of IDS to you within the next six weeks.

Now, it is your turn! Create your own IDS-files and check them against your IFC model in BIM.permit. Submit a short video and submit your IDS-file Nov 24th Dec 15th, 2023.


The best of three win great prices:

1. Place: 300 € + full year license (IDS-checking)

2. Place: 200 € + full year license (IDS-checking)

3. Place: 100 € + full year license (IDS-checking)


Register now, to get a valid BIM.permit license. Submit your results by packing your files to a ZIP-file, uploading it to a filesharing service, such as WeTransfer, and submit the link to


Terms and conditions:

  • A short video must be submitted until Nov 24th Dec 15th, 2023. The maximum length is five minutes. The video must show a least the use of four different facets. The used IDS-file must be submitted as well.
  • You must use your own or any freely available BIM model in IFC2x3 or IFC4-Format
  • The checking itself must be performed in BIM.permit.
  • To use BIM.permit, a test license can be used, which will be activated after registration. After registration to the challenge, we automatically extend your existing or expired test license until Nov 30th, 2023.
  • On submission you agree with publishing your submitted data in media formats of VSK Software GmbH under the terms of naming the author. Submitted videos are granted to be altered (e.g. shorten, cut, playback speed), under the term that the meaning of the video is not changed in principle.
Changes due to technical or organisational matters are reserved.